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GlobeTelecom(GT) was incorporated in Singapore in Feb 1999.

It has an authorized capital of S$10,000,000 and a paid up capital of S$10,000.

Globe Telecom business objective is to provide cost effective alternatives for making international calls. Globe Telecom started its business as a callback operator in 1999 prior to the liberalization of the telecommunication market in Singapore.

The market responded very well to the products that were offered by Globe Telecom. In March 1999, a prepaid card service, based on GTPhonecallback technology, was launched to meet customers' needs and it was well received by the public. GlobeTelecom had successfully applied for Service Based Operator (SBO) licenses in April 2000 when the Singapore Telecommunication industry was liberalized.

This allows Globe Telecom to offer International Direct Dial (IDD) and other innovative services in Singapore. The GT IDD Card, a prepaid card service, was also introduced and became a popular IDD product with local residential and foreign workers.

Globe Telecom Managing Director, founder Mr. Zeng Li Xin, has been working as Chief Operating Officer of the company in Singapore and oversea telecommunication market for 5 years after his post-graduated education from National University of Singapore with MBA degree.

His global experience in both retail and wholesale market is valuable towards making Globe Telecom one of the market leaders. Executive Operating Officer, Ms Shen Lei, also a former Trading and Telecommunications company senior manager, has spent many years of her career in management positions holding various portfolios.

Globe Telecom is able to provide cost effective service to its customers without sacrificing quality by keeping its operating costs low. Globe Telecom launches GlobeRoamingCards which allows all the peoples in the world to make call at cost similar to that from Singapore to oversea.

Globe Telecom will continue to develop in enhanced and efficient service for customers

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