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  • Sales

Can I share my calling cards for the dialer with other GT product?

What is the price of the calling rates?

What info do you need from us to make a private designed calling card & calling rates?

Where is my customer, if i want to be a distributor. How do I keep track of users in this business model?

Retail shop or suppermaket will sell the GTphone card to get profit.

network marketing gruop can use our product to issue their own PC to Phone calling cards.

How do we test your dialer?

I want my customer to use my private designed calling cards and calling rates. Do you provide some help in this regard?

How long does it take to get our own private calling cards?

What about support?

Does the dialer provide any support for giving promotions to newly signed subscribers?

  • Usage

How can I use the GTphone - PC to Phone dialer?

2, Double click the download file, then click next, next,..finish.

3, Key in the User name (calling card series number eg. GT10001000 ) and Password ( Pin number of calling card).

If you tick the icon for " Remember the account for this computer", you will not need to keep in the user name and password untill you finish the pin.

click sign in.

4, key in the destination number to make call.

Country code + area code + telephone number

eg, call to China Bejing, key in 8610xxxxxxxxx,

call Malaysia KL, key in 603xxxxxxxxx,

call Malaysia Mobile key in 601xxxxxxxxxx

call USA Newyork, key in 1212xxxxxxxxx

Need I key in the prifix before the country code?

Can I make free call?

Yes, you can. you can ask for a free test pin when you first download GTphone dialer.

You also can make free PC to PC phone. You just key in your destination IP number in the call/IP call, you can make free PC to PC call.

How can I konw my IP address? How can I know my destination party's IP address?

You also can ask the other party to give her IP address to you as above. Then, you can make free call to her.

  • Technical

Who develop the GTphone dialer? Can I have the same dialer labelled our privated name?

What is licensing scheme for GTPhone Dialer?

What about licensing of the codec?

How does your dialer use Microsoft's G.723.1 codec?

Does the dialer support SIP?

Does your dialer disconnect an ongoing call when the user's balance approaches zero?

Does this dialer work behind NAT and firewalls?

Does this dialer transfer DTMF?

What other codecs can this dialer support?

What are the GTPhone technical features of this dialer?

Which operating systems are supported?

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