Free PC to PC phone. Pc to Phone & Phone to Phone


GT IDD calling card is not only available for phone to phone calls in Singapore, the same pin but also supports GTphone - PC to Phone dialer at the same phone to phone calling rates.


During promotion period:

For End User, you will get free headset (worthy of $20), and free $10 GT IDD calling card, subject to buy $100 and above Gt IDD calling card. Or you will get free USB Phone (worthy of $120), subject to buy $300 and above GT IDD calling card.


For retailer, you will get up to 25% discount and free gift based on purchase volume.


For International Distributor, you will get up to 50% or more discount, and calling rate is negociable. The card is available on the distributor's name, logo design and printing.


Once you have tested GTphone Dialer to your satisfaction and have made up your mind to use it, you can contact our sales team and they will work with you to close the sale to best of your benefit.

To place an order for GTphone Calling cards, you need to fill in the following form. Please provide us correct name, phone and email address so we can call/contact you. After you have completed and submitted the form, our sales team will get in touch with you.

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